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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An interesting adventure ....

I spent the weekend pretending I wasn't a writer.

I did writing-related things: promo scheduling and cleaning up my files and organizing things. But I didn't write. I deliberately did NOT consider one of the projects I want to tackle next. I acted like just another regular person on vacation.

Boy, was it BORING! TV is such a wasteland, I read a bit and enjoyed that (but not enough to spend the whole day on it), and movies ... okay, briefly entertaining.

Nope. I NEED writing. I need that creative buzz to occupy my brain.

Good thing I tried this. Now the next time I get discouraged and think I'll quit writing, I'll come back and look at this blog and remind myself ... "Yep, there's a reason you do that".

Vacations... aren't they wonderful?

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