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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Politics ... again

I've been watching the Wisconsin events with interest. While I consider myself a liberal, in this case I think I side with the conservatives. I've long thought that unions are out of control in our country and I somewhat admire the governor for sticking to his guns.

I've never belonged to a union. I never had a guaranteed job. I never had a guaranteed salary. I've never had tenure. I understand why those guarantees were needed -- years ago. But I don't think unfair labor practices abound any more, not enough to justify what unions can demand. I don't think the benefit outweigh the abuses any more.

I've talked to so many parents who have pulled their kids from public schools because of poor teaching. Administrators have their hands tied when it comes to getting good people and keeping them and when it comes to getting rid of people who aren't performing adequately. I've seen it in colleges -- I was married to a professor and believe me, I've seen it in practice there. I've seen it with public employees. There are a lot of very good, dedicated employees and there are a lot who are slackers. In a place without unions, those people probably wouldn't have jobs. And that's how it should be, isn't it?

Why are people in unions afraid to stand on their own merit? Are those careers and people who evaluate performance really so biased? Are the labor practices so unfair? It seems like we have government oversight of just about every aspect of our lives. Surely abuses don't persist, do they?

I'm just not sure about this. It sounds like "I deserve a job" to me. It sounds like "I deserve to be taken care of." No one has ever guaranteed a job or a salary for me. Why do you deserve it? What makes your job so different? Why can't you be evaluated based on merit?

I just don't get it, not in today's age.

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