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Saturday, July 04, 2009

How I spend my holiday

I have a 4-day vacation right now. We got yesterday off at work as a holiday and I'm taking Monday off. How am I spending it?

Well, I'm getting caught up on some things: prepping for a class I'm teaching in the fall, organizing notes, weeding through files. Yesterday I went to the Mall of America and walked and gawked, something I do 3x a year or so. It's right in my backyard but I seldom get there, so it's always amusing when I go. I finished page-proofs on a book releasing next year and started my newsletter for July.

Today I'm going to the local casino to drop $20 in a slot machine. I love playing slots and I never go to the casino near me. I thought, hey, that might be amusing. I'll go in an hour or so since mornings are absolutely the best time to go to a casino. There aren't many people up and around at 6 in the morning. I'll play for a couple of hours then hit the stores early, come back and write. I'm working on my ghost story now and I figured out a way to incorporate Facebook into it. I'm anxious to get going on it.

Tomorrow -- nothing planned. I may go to a nearby town and do a bit of antique shopping and hit a couple of tiny gift stores. We may do some grilling or maybe go out to eat. I may just write all day. Not sure yet.

On Monday I'm going to Northfield, a nearby town which is about 30 miles away. It's a nice shopping experience with unique stores, and it's a very, very cute town -- very small town. And I'll write, of course.

The main theme of the weekend: relax. This is the only weekend in a month and a half where I don't have events planned, some of which involve traveling. So I'm going to take advantage of being in town and just hang out and relax before the craziness begins.

I hope you have as much fun as I plan to have!

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