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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The convergence of blogs

This is one of those weekend where I am scheduled to blog in 4 places in addition to the 2 I normally blog at on the weekends.

Can you say ... 'duplicate'? I think some cutting and pasting will be done. I like to save my originality for my writing, if you know what I mean. Luckily I have little else planned for the weekend. Cirque du Soleil later this afternoon, a gathering of friends tomorrow. So I'm hoping I'll get snippets of inspiration throughout the weekend as I focus on my writing.

Speaking of which ... it's going very well. I had one of those 'well, duh' moments earlier this week and I went back to look at what I'd written, tore it up, and now have a fresh new start. I'm much, much more energized about the story. I want to keep that momentum going, so this blog is ending now so I can get back to work!

Beautiful summer day, windows open, birds singing, and writing ahead of me ... yep, Life is Good.

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