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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yes, I'm busy

It's getting crazy ...

I know, I asked for this, right? Yikes, but I'm busy.

I'm doing a rewrite (almost done, yea!) I just got edits from my editor for my book coming out next year. I need to get going on promotions. I need to sign on to some loops and introduce myself and figure out what I *should* be doing for promotions.

Oh, yeah. I'm V.P. of my local RWA chapter next year.

And I'm working -- out company is the middle of being took over, so things are lulling right now (everybody waiting for the hammer to drop), but still ... I've got a 40/hr/wk job. And because we're being took over, I want to touch base with doctor, tax guy, etc., because all of that stuff (medical plans, insurance, retirement) will be changing soon.

Then add in the holidays: going to a play on Saturday (a chance to relax and laugh, yea!), an open house next week (should be fascinating, it's at a wild animal preserve, I will blog about it, I'm sure), local RWA party (at which I will play Vanna White to a friend's Pat Sajak as we auction off various items for fund-raising), then there's Christmas (my shopping is mostly done, yea!).

Hey. I had a lot of 'yea' in this blog.

I guess it ain't all that bad. {smile}


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