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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Okay, not really SOON, but coming next year at this time.

(are you ready)


Officially titled:

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Yep, it's real, folks. I'll have a book published next year, one starring Melvin the pig, J.T. McCord and Molly Lawford. It's set in Tangle Butte, Minnesota, a fictional small town based on a real small town that shall remain nameless.

I'm so excited I'm just about unable to sit still. Note I said 'just about'. I can sit still long enough to post this. My publisher is Triskelion Publishing, an e-pub outfit. I'm hoping I'll get a print deal out of this -- not sure if I will. I'd love to see my book sitting on a shelf.

No, I take that back. I'd love to see it FLYING off the shelves. Which it will if stocked in certain parts of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, several bookstores in Iowa, a few in Kansas City, some in L.A., a few in Denver and surroundings, and in the University of Pittsburgh area in Oakland (Pittsburgh). I've got friends and/or relatives in those spots and they've guaranteed me a run on the store.

More will be coming about the book, the process, and the impending publication. Ike Bernstein, the editor of the Tangle Butte Daily Tribune, will be posting to this blog shortly, interviewing the main characters of that and my other books. So stay tuned for Ike's pithy prose and incisive questions, like,

"Molly, why the hell do you love M&Ms so much and why do you sort them into different colors and keep them in an artist's tray on your desk?"

See -- deathless prose. You'll love it, I promise.


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