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Saturday, November 25, 2006

And more news!!!

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been busy and what time I don't spend writing, I spend sleeping -- which ain't much. Between Thanksgiving, work, and other obligations, it's been crazy, especially since ...

I have more news to share -- Closing Time, which is now renamed Your Saving Grace, will be published by Cerridwen Press!!

Yes indeedy, I will be a multi-published author in 2007. I'm not exactly sure on my release date, but it'll be earlier than the Pig Book. The book will come out in E-format first (downloadable) then will hopefully be available as print later (i.e., within a few months, I hope). Bear with me, I'm still new to this publishing game.

I just filled out my first Cover Art sheet (I was probably WAY too wordy on what I wanted, but there are certain things I just don't like on a cover, and I figured I may as well shoot the moon and discuss everything and anything I like and dislike).

Next I'll move on to edits. Those shouldn't be too bad because my editor and I have been talking about changes as we go along, so the manuscript is pretty clean right now.

I'm also working on rewrites to one of my reincarnation stories. I'm anxious to get that wrapped up ASAP so I can move on to the whole publishing, promotion, and pitching thing for my books.

I'm glad to be with these two publishers (Cerridwen and Triskelion). Both are solid leaders in the E-industry, Triskelion has a good print base, both have authors working for them who I respect and read, and both are well organized and welcoming to new authors. So I feel like I've landed in a good place.

Now if my work life will settle down, I'll feel better. The company where I work has been acquired by a Biggie from California, and I may be 'selected for redundancy' as they so quaintly phrase 'lay offs'. I won't know for a few more weeks yet. This could be a good thing or a bad one -- more time to write, but loss of steady income and medical benefits. I'm not panicking yet. I won't panic until I get the pink slip (if I do get it).

Until then, I'm busy ...

I'm going to try to post to this blog on Wednesday and Saturday, so stay tuned for the continuing saga of As The Author Learns [about the publishing industry].


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