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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is normal any more?

I've been in town, out of town, in town, out of town, for about three months now. I'm in town for two weeks, maybe three, this time. And it's weird.

What is normal any more?

I'm not sure. I went to work (the Real Job) and it felt weird to be there. I was there for a few days before I left the last time, but was gone a week before that, and ... I've gotten out of touch with schedules and deadlines and being On Task there.

It's odd how our circadian rhythms can be so easily disrupted. I was totally unaware of how scheduled my life was until it became totally unscheduled for several months. Now I find myself asking, "What would you like to do?" instead of "what is scheduled to do?"

It's an oddly freeing feeling. One that maybe I'll grow to enjoy.

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