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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where did I lose a week?

Can't believe I've forgotten to update my blog lately. I used to be so good at that ::chagrin::

I can blame holiday overload. At this time of year, the ugly "shall we travel?" question always arises. I live in the Midwest and the weather is ALWAYS a factor. This year we waffled on the travel question for days until we finally decided that no, we can't travel at Christmas. We had to wait until after Christmas. Which meant I ended up re-doing some work plans, which means I had to re-do some home plans...ripple effect. Regardless: we managed to get to Iowa for Christmas with my Mom, albeit belatedly.

I confess, too, that my current WIP is keeping me engrossed & I do lose track of time. I'm *this close* to being done with Part 1 of Book 1 and it's going very well. I anticipate 2 more parts to Book 1, then I'll move immediately to Book 2. I hope to spend this year working on that 5 book series and knowing I have a year of writing "grace" is a blessing. I'll be submitting 3 more books to my mystery editor for 2011 publishing, and if they're accepted that gives me 2 years of grace.

Fingers crossed.

I'm pleased with how 2009 has gone but have hopes that 2010 will be a bit better in book sales. Every year it does improve, but I've been slacking on the promotion & I must get back on track with that. That's my one and only resolution, really.

So here's hoping I'll remember to update my blog on a regular basis in the upcoming year. Okay. Resolution #2.

Have a happy & safe holiday!

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