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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lions, lambs, sleet, rain & happy!

A good review can make my day. Check this out:

Here's a person who read the book and GOT what I was trying to convey about love, trust, and second chances. And this for a book that released last year! Ha! If anyone published with a traditional publisher can get a review for a year-old book, I'd like to meet them. I seriously doubt that'll ever happen.

This e-publishing stuff is great -- books will always be out there, waiting for new readers to find 'em.

Oh, the lion/lamb thing? It's the last day of March, going out like a lion. I had rain, snow, sleet, ice, and wind, all on a 12-mile commute this morning. Depending on your zip code, the Twin Cities will get dumped on with snow, or rained, or iced.

Springtime in Minnesota.

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1 comment:

KellyMarstad said...

Ha ha! The biggest snow we had here was 5 inches and it melted off in less than two hours. COMPLETELY. It was so funny to see everyone worried and shaking their heads... oh dear, oh dear. And then it was melted and only wet. Not even cold enough to re-ice but people left the parking lot with warnings to be careful on the drive home. Just about died laughing.

Irony? The push I'm doing to write this month is for a book I'm writing entitled, Nowhere to Run. LOL. Mine's inspy though and likely not to keep the title.

Congrats on the excellent review. Still loving your iTouch?