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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It must be spring ...

... I've got a new crop of books, waiting for editing!

It seems like they all gang up on me at once. Why is that? I finished final galley proofs on a book releasing next year and I no sooner turned that in to my editor, than another editor wanted to get started on edits for the 2nd book in my paranormal series.

I said, 'sure, we can get started' when I got final edits in on the 3rd book in my OTHER paranormal series. And I'm also trying to write the Oz book!

Oh well. This means I'll have lots of releases coming up next year -- hopefully not all at one time! I'll dig in for a few days, do a flurry of editing and when I emerge, I'll dig in and finish the Oz book. I've got so many ideas for new books, I can't wait to get started.

Yep. It feels like spring.

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Kelly Kirch said...

Wah wah wah. ;)
That's all good news. More books can never be bad.

Offline for a week, hon.