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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Would you trade this for that?

(First of all: an update: we came out okay on taxes. A nice return to us since I've lost money on writing. So yes -- lemons=lemonade).

As you may remember, I was ghastly ill a few weeks ago with food poisoning or stomach flu (you choose). It laid me out for a few days, but hey, I lost weight, so it's not all terrible.

My spouse is now wrestling with a cold, his third one this winter. When he gets a cold, it knocks him out -- exhaustion, chills, miserable sniffling, and all over achy. At first I thought it was a guy thing (you know: husband lies on couch moaning about pain while wife continues doing all the work even as she sniffles and coughs).

After years of this, though, I've come to the conclusion that most of his moaning is really justified. A 'cold' just zaps him out. I get a cold, I take a pill, and I get on with my life. The only annoyance is that I have to carry tissues with me. He gets a cold, he's on the couch for a week.

So which would you rather have: the occasional (maybe once every 5 years) bout of stomach flu (food poisoning) or a cold three times a year that zaps you out?

While I don't enjoy lying on the bathroom floor, I'm starting to think it's preferable to losing a week of my life lying on the couch....

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