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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Learning a new voice

I'm starting book 3 of my paranormal series, and I'm focusing it on a new set of characters. The first book focused on Isbel and Cyrus; the second on Dru and Jak; and this third book will focus on Jessa and Bron.

Isbel, Dru, and Bron are half-siblings, which is part of the continuity thread running through the books. The other thread is the political upheaval on their planet -- Dru, Jak and Bron are leaders in their government and they face a lot of challenges in this third book.

As you can tell -- it's complex, but that's not the part that has me worried. With each book I need to slip into the mind of a different person, a different personality. I have a good sense for this book of 'who' Bron is, but Jessa has me a bit worried. I'm not sure I'll so easily slip into her mind for her chapters. So I'm spending a lot of time fleshing out her history (none of which will appear in the book except by allusion to it) so I can get a sense of who she is.

Most of my characters are loosely based on people I know or on archtypes, but Jessa is a bit of a conumdrum. So I may need to postpone her entry into the story until I know her better.

Thoughts and musings on the writing life for a Tuesday ....

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