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Friday, May 20, 2011

The 7 year itch

I think there's something to that idea, that every 7 years we need a change. It seems like every time I take up something new, I spend about 7 years going at it very intensively.

Needlework: I spent quite a few years learning, perfecting, and entering contests. Then when I won enough ribbons, I quit.

Gardening: I spent about 7 years getting a college degree in horticulture, and about that long doing some intensive landscaping. Then I slacked off.

Writing: I've been at it now since 2003, and it's starting to lose its appeal. I'm in my 5th year of publishing, and the enthusiasm is starting to wane.

What will be the next Thing? Where will I put my energy in the next decade?

I can't wait to find out ... I'll probably still write, still do some needlepoint, do a bit of gardening. But what will be that New Thing that will fire me with enthusiasm?

Stay tuned as we all find out.


Miranda said...

Well, I just discovered your books and think you're very talented. I hope you refind your inspiration and keep writing.

J L said...

Oh, I think I'll still be writing, I just may not be as prolific as I am now!