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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog etiquette ... or blog intelligence

We're interviewing to fill a position at work, and discussed candidates, etc., that we've seen in the past. Some candidates put their personal blog addy and web site addy on their resumes ....

Sometimes a big mistake. I've reviewed some the resumes and gone out to the blogs and web sites and what I found was NOT appropriate material for a professional. Yes, it's a 'personal' site, but you're telling professional people to go look at it, so you'd better make sure it's also professional. Either that or keep your professional and your personal life separate (as I try to do by using initials, never alluding to details about my day job, etc.)

This brings up a 'duh' question: why would someone do this? Do they think they're so fascinating that people will overlook the obviously inappropriate information ("I'm really hung over today and can barely focus on the computer screen"; "had fun at the game last night, we harassed a bunch of X fans who were idiots")? Or do they believe employers won't check?

Believe me. They check.

A reality check for us all. Remember: what's on the Internet doesn't STAY on the Internet. It's liable to come back to haunt you.


memejain said...

Hi JL,

This is very cool, I love to read and you are an author. I am always looking for new authors. I am thinking this is a match made in, well, in the Blogosphere. I checked out some of your excerpts and I am looking forward to reading a whole book. I have my own blog where I talk about the books I read. I hope you will be able to see what I wrote about your work soon.

Paul said...

That is a good reminder. Today, even without going so far as to put your blog or site on your resume, it's simple enough for people to google you.