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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The benefits of being older

A friend of mine was blogging recently about how her parents don't understand her work. She writes romance, and has a couple of steamy scenes in her books. Her parents, who are Very Christian, are offended.

She's worried about this. My response was, "Hey. It's your life. Tell them you love them, you respect them, but they're wrong."

She's twenty years younger and me and uncomfortable doing that. I realized that is one benefit of getting older: you realize that you can make statements like that and the world will still spin and life will go on. It just ain't that important. I think I've learned that some fights you enter and some you just walk away from. And that's one I'd walk away from.

Hindsight -- it's always 20/20, isn't it?

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Sandra Ferguson said...

Seems as though that hind-sight only comes with age, though. Until you've lived enough, done enough, sometimes suffered enough -- it can be a hard thing to stand up ALONE. That whole parents-still-want-the-control issue is hard to get past. Age is the surest cure.